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Agency vs Freelance

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As a model, there are two ways to get booked for assignments that will affect your salary.

  • Through a model agency: If you are a model under contract with an agency, interested clients do not contact you directly with their requirements, but contact your model agency instead. The agency will suggest candidates from its database who fit the job and if the client decides to hire you, you will get the job. In return for the booking you have to pay a part of your fee (20 to 30 percent) to the agency.
  • Freelance: As a freelance model you work independently and therefore have full control over your job search. On the other hand, finding work can be more challenging, as you have to search for clients yourself and go to numerous castings. However, you don’t have to share your salary for completed assignments with anyone else, as the fee for the model agency that mediates the job is waived when you are self-employed.