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How much can I earn in modeling

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Photo shoots, travelling, experiencing the latest fashion trends up close and personal and turning your passion into your profession: Modelling is and remains a dream job for many. While some would like to work full-time as a model and have a real career, for others it is enough to be in front of the camera only from time to time as a side job. But what about the pay, and is a model’s salary enough to live comfortably? How much do you earn as a model and what does your salary depend on? We will explain this and much more to you now!

1. Earn money as a model: Different categories, different salary

Of course, when it comes to a model’s salary, we have to distinguish between the different categories of the industry. Obviously, a top model earns more than a professional model, a professional model earns more than a complete newcomer to the industry or a hobby model who models as a side job and only gets a few assignments per year.

There are of course also differences in compensation depending on the job. Photoshoots, catwalk, advertising or TV do not only differ in format but also in the salary of the model. It is therefore difficult to give a flat fee for individual types of assignments, as fees can vary greatly and depend on many factors, e.g. whether you are booked for commercial shoots, photos or filming, how long the shoots last, how long the commercial will run, and so on… The average annual salary for models in Germany is around 42,100 euros, enough to be able to make a living.