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What are the payment options in modeling

  • Percentage share: Especially for stock photos (i.e. photos that customers can buy online) a percentage share is agreed upon. With this payment option, the models are given a share of all future sales revenues from the photos. The share can be 10%, but also up to 50%.
  • Fixed rate: Often a fee is fixed, which is paid for half a day or per shoot.
  • Hourly wage: Even in the model business there is the good old hourly wage, which is determined before the work is done and paid after the job is finished.
  • Buyouts: As a model you have rights to photos and videos that are taken of you. This means that the client has to acquire the rights to the material created in addition to the service, which is called a “buyout”. These rights are only ever sold for a certain period of time, which may not be exceeded without further payment. For example, a buyout can include nationwide TV advertising and be valid for a period of 2 years. However, catalogue advertising with the material would then be prohibited. The exact conditions of the buyout will be negotiated and agreed upon between client and model.
  • Alternative payment: Especially at the beginning of your own career, it can make sense to accept jobs that don’t bring in any money, but where you get a good online review, free outfits or professional pictures of yourself (at a TFP shoot) in return. Such jobs also give you experience and more self-confidence in front of the camera.

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