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What is a TFP Shoot

As you will already know, as a model you need one thing above all else: A meaningful comp card!

But how do you get beautiful photos as an amateur model without much model experience? The simple answer is TFP shoots!

If you did not already have one, you should apply for a TFP-shooting today and get your personal shoot soon!

“Time for prints” is a common term in the photography and fashion world. But what does it actually mean? Read more here.

Win-win situation – how everyone benefits

“Time for prints” or simply called ‘TFP’ is especially popular with hobby photographers and amateur models. Because a TFP shoot is a completely free photoshoot. Neither the photographer nor stylist or the model has to pay anything for each other’s services. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

During a TFP shoot, you can gain your first experiences in the model business and try yourself in front of the camera.

Modelling is certainly not easy and posing requires intense training. With a photographer, you will receive valuable tips during a TFP shoot and especially learn how your facial expressions, gestures and posing work on the pictures!

References and model experience is, of course, important for large orders and is usually also assumed by the model. Nobody can take your experiences away from you and lay the foundation for a model career!

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